Have you ever wondered is there more to life than this?

Filmmakers Dave and Ruth Watts set out on a 40 day journey travelling the world asking this question. They captured the journey on film and created ‘IS THERE MORE?’, an engaging 40 minute creative documentary. 

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Thought provoking, eye opening and engaging documentary, brilliantly executed.
— Jon Norman, Senior Pastor SOUL Church UK
OFFICIAL SELECTION - International Christian Film  Music Festival - 2019.png
This short documentary presents one of the most powerful motivational stories we have seen so far...
— Feel the Reel International film festival 2019
This short film has the ability to draw you in from the first scene. The narration builds and is compelling leaving you in no doubt “There is more”
— Richard Smith, Senior Pastor Fields Church Uk



Dave and Ruth are currently planning a church tour in early 2020. Their hearts are to share this film with churches across the UK, it’s an easy invite to church to spark conversations and encourage conversation and ultimately get people thinking about ‘Is There More?’

We see a screening night being an accessible launchpad to lead into other events in your church calendar. 

Could your church screen the film?

The answer is yes! All you need is to have a venue, and a congregation willing to invite people. We’ll provide the rest. A pop up cinema screen, a cinema projector, sound system, host and filmmakers.

 How we see a screening night working?

This is a basic structure for how a screening could be shaped in your church or organisation.

19:30 - Doors Open

The room will be set up to feel like a cinema, countdown video on screen.

19:45 - Screen the film

The film is 40 minutes in length. The film is open to those with or without a faith. It leaves you pondering some of these big questions of life and ultimately thinking ‘Is There More to life than this?’

20:25 - Q&A with the filmmakers

Following the screening, we propose doing a Q&A. It’s a great way to expand on some of the stories from the film, give more context around the process of making the film, and the heart for pursuing it.

21:00 - Creative Response

To end the night we’d love to encourage people to engage with some of the film’s topics. We’ve created a variety of creative engagements that allow people to engage with questions and topic.

21:30 - That’s a wrap

We’d close the night and mention the variety of things that your church offers to continue to explore the big questions of life.

The cost of a screening night?

Dave and Ruth’s intention is not to make money from this resource, but rather see the kingdom grow.

However, to make the screening night a success, we have various leaflet resources and digital resources, that would require the church/organisation to cover the printing costs for their event. Alongside this a donation towards the travel expenses of the Is There More team would be greatly appreciated.


We would love to get a date booked for early 2020 for your church to be part of the ‘IS THERE MORE’ tour.

We envision the best nights for a screening as a Friday night or Saturday night. However, if you find a week night or Sunday night fits with your church calendar better that’s great. 

Fill out the below form, or drop Dave and Ruth an email:

Thanks for taking the time to read this. We look forward to hearing from you.

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