The film

Have you ever wondered is there more to life than this? More than our day to day.

‘Is There More?’ is a creative documentary that shares a 40 day journey of filmmakers Dave and Ruth Watts. They travel to various countries and locations around the world to explore and ask some big questions of life.

The Trailer

We launched the trailer on the 1st January 2019. Watch it below for a flavour of how the full film will look.


Launch Screening

We launched the film at the first public screening on the 16th March 2019. This was be held in Kesgrave

The Launch night featured a showing of the film (40mins in length), followed by a Q&A from filmmakers Dave & Ruth Watts.

We’re currently sending the film to various film festivals. However If you’d like to screen the film at your Church or organisation, do get in touch: dave@zioncreative.co.uk

The filmmakers

Dave (27) and Ruth (28) happily married for five years, both grew up going to church. However, they had reached an age where they started to question, Is there more to life than this?

Dave heads up Zion Creative, a film production company. He loves to craft a story that engages people, so having this question about life he decided ‘lets make a film?’…

Ruth works for the NHS and loves caring for people. Having previously travelled in her early 20’s she had developed a passion for those in need and the stories they have.

When Dave said to Ruth one night in bed ‘Let’s make a film!’ she wondered what he meant. But once he explained, they made a plan, to combine Dave’s desire to film and Ruth passion for people.

Six months later, suitcases were packed, boarding passes in hand, ready to start the 40 journey.


Making the film

The 40 day journey was an adventure the couple will never forget.

The filming took place across 3 continents over a 40 day period in June/July 2017. Some additional creative scenes were filmed in the Uk later in 2017 and early 2018.

Below, enjoy a gallery of some behind the scenes photos from the making of ‘Is There More?’

Share your story

All good stories have a beginning, a middle and an end. The heart behind this film is to recognise that everyone has a story. You may feel your story is insignificant, but we believe each of us has a story to tell and share.  

We would love to hear your story. It may be random, It may be relevant, but if you’ve seen the film, we’d love to hear your story.

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